ACAT Volunteer Opportunities

Would you like to gain recognition as an expert in your field by sharing your knowledge and skills with ACAT and other accounting and tax professionals? Become an ACAT Ambassador!

We are proud to offer experienced accounting and tax professionals and subject-matter experts the opportunity to lead within ACAT.

In our continuing efforts to grow interest in our field, ACAT is seeking individuals who are interested in any of the following areas: 

  • developing a college course curriculum for ACAT credentials that offers students a pathway to completing the exam upon successful completion of the course. Educators need not hold an ACAT credential, but our focus for this task force is on college educators (full-time, part-time, or retired)
  • reviewing, editing, and writing our test banks to ensure that we continue to test the most relevant and important information for each exam
  • providing relevant feedback on our website so we can improve our marketing for potential credential holders
  • designing and creating relevant study materials to educate potential credential holders on the exam content
  • advocating for our interests as practitioners before the IRS

Volunteers meet through conference and video calls only, so only a time commitment is required of volunteers. 

Subject Matter Experts (SME)

There are two opportunities for our subject matter experts — exam update task force and training task force. Both task forces are responsible for ensuring the exam is high quality and that our training materials are prepared to adequately permit candidates to pass their exam.

The training task force reviews the exam bank questions to verify that the exam questions are accurate, properly worded, and up-to-date with tax law. Each credential is to be reviewed by a SME in each of the four credentials – ABA, ATA, ATP, and ARA.


There are three opportunities for educators — the educator task force, exam update task force, and training task force. In addition to being a subject matter expert, we are seeking educators who want to build ACAT credentials into college course curriculum.


Ensuring that the ABA and ATP designations are annual filing season program (AFSP) exempt didn’t happen without advocacy on the part of our certificants. We need practitioners who are interested in ensuring that our credentials continue to be widely respected in the accounting and tax industry.

Other Opportunities

From being a point of contact with updates to our website, to perhaps interest in serving on the ACAT Board of Directors, we have opportunities to get all certificants involved.

Not a certificant and still looking to get involved? While an ACAT credential isn’t required to serve on a task force, having gone through the preparation necessary and having passed the exam is helpful. But we acknowledge that experience and expertise goes beyond just credentials and we will evaluate each volunteer to determine the appropriateness on task forces. In addition to a confidentiality agreement, if working on exams, individuals who have access to the test questions are unable to take the exam for a period of at least one year after their service has completed.

Apply Now

We’re interested in having you! Please use the application below to submit your interest to the ACAT Board of Directors and staff.